The Stifford Academy Reviews


What our clients say about us:

Mrs Bibi – (Age 42)

‘Since coming to fitness sessions I am more active and have made friends. This motivates me to attend more regularly. I feel a lot better, feel positive about my health and know that I can ask my health trainer for support and advice as and when I need it. I really enjoy the group sessions!’

– Heath Trainers Project

Mr A – (Age 38)

‘I am free from cigarettes and now feel better – I also have few extra pounds in my pocket. This wouldn’t have been possible without the advice and support of my Health Trainer. I will definitely promote the service to friends and family…’ – Heath Trainers Project

Sheikh Omar Hussain

‘Being a Health Champion has helped me become more confident. My communication skills have improved as a result of attending outreach and community events. Training like the the RSPH Level 2 in ‘Understanding Health Improvement’ and First have come in handy for day-to-day life. They’re are skills I will use for life.’ – Heath Champions Project

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